TSG 1895

TSG 1895

In the true spirit of the Tiffany lamps and panels, there is now a new range of masterpieces that dazzle with their remarkable glow. No wonder… it is an inner light that can never be reproduced, coming from the very heart of the earth.

The Secret Garden (TSG 1895 USA) is a US-based company with a vision – to use gemstones for lamps and decorative panels, pioneering the genre along a totally new lineage.

We have been working quietly since 1998, determined to find the best possible way to express the excitement and sumptuousness of gemstones in designing unique lamps and decorative panels. Call it research and development if you wish; we call it the search of the artist for an intimate understanding of his medium.

That search has taken TSG 1895 to many parts of the world in a relentless search for gemstones of quality. More than that we insisted on scrutinizing the stones we found for unique formations in colors, pattern and purity of the stones. We knew that we would need the finest possible gemstones with artistic value to allow our lamps to glow with rare beauty.

TSG 1895 USA has taken the uniqueness of gemstones to create works of art that are so unique that they can never be reproduced. Each item is unique. Each design will never have a replica. That is because gemstones are never uniform or ‘controlled’ in the way glass can be in a factory. Gemstones are ancient, with origins in the long ago past before supercontinents began to drift apart.

We employ artist and artisans, craftsmen with an affinity for things of the earth, those who have worked deep in the mines as well as the tables of the master diamond cutters. They understand the intricacies of light and refraction and color. We brought them together and challenged them to work with a medium as yet unfamiliar to them. They too have spent the years since 1998, handling and shaping gemstones, learning the secrets of these stones.

Inspiration and persistence are the same impulses, and our artisans have learned how to be patient, to find the depth and spirit of the various gemstones, to envision how each type may be sliced and polished and loved into uniqueness.

Working with our artisans in gemstones are others who are adept in working with copper and bronze, fashioning the elegant bronze bases that hold up to the TSG 1895 gemstone lamps. Their work is no less value, blending harmoniously with the radiant beauty of the lamps that they support.

The Secret Garden is a reference to a wonderful world known only to the few, who value and appreciate unique things that express the essence of beauty.

Each home or private office that displays TSG 1895 USA lamps and decorative panels is in effect a secret garden, a magical place to retreat to, or work in, or recharge one’s belief in a life enhanced with beauty.

These are collectibles that are viewed and appreciated in private homes, among an inner circle of family and friends, becoming part of treasured memories over generations.

It is our privilege to provide TSG 1895 USA lamps and decorative panels to enhance homes in a way to surpass what has been previously available.

Accordingly, each one of our lamps and decorative panels comes with a certificate of authenticity, vouching for its creation in our ateliers, establishing its individuality and value, as well as its origins from TSG 1895 USA.