TSG 1895 USA Donates High-Value Tiffany Style Mosaic Lamp Base for Silent Auction at 2013 RAGSfest

TSG 1895 USA Donates High-Value Tiffany Style Mosaic Lamp Base for Silent Auction at 2013 RAGSfest

TSG 1895 USA Donates High-Value Tiffany Style Mosaic Lamp Base for Silent Auction at 2013 RAGSfest, The Annual Conference of Retailers of Art & Glass Supplies (RAGS) in Austin, Texas, USA


The Secret Garden (TSG 1895 USA) at 2013 RAGSfest VendorShowLOS ANGELES, June 20, 2013Retailers of Art Glass and Supplies (RAGS), a not-for-profit organization for stained glass retailers, will hold its annual conference from June 20-27 in Austin, Texas – with a vendor show on Friday, June 21, 2013, at Gallery Black Lagoon, followed by a silent auction at a restaurant the same evening, with classes from June 20-27 at Austin’s Blue Moon Glassworks. At the conference – called RAGSfest – owners and employees of retail stores that feature stained glass gather to learn new techniques, exchange fresh ideas, and inspire each other in a collaborative and noncompetitive environment. To support this worthy organization, TSG 1895 USA™ has donated a high-value, collectible edition Tiffany style mosaic lamp base in a motif that features dragonflies – and will display additional artisan lamp bases at the June 21st vendor show as well as during the June 20-27 class sessions at Austin’s Blue Moon Glassworks.


Dragionflies Green Mosaic Urn Brass Table Lamp BaseFor the RAGSfest silent auction, TSG 1895 USA™ has selected its Green Mosaic Dragonflies lamp base, handcrafted based on a classic Tiffany design and composed of hundreds of individual mosaic pieces. This museum-quality brass urn base features gemstone inlays and filigree dragonflies with eyes composed of red agate. Valued at nearly $2,000, the TSG 1895 USA™ lamp base will serve as a key attraction at the silent auction – which will raise funds to offset expenses for 2014 RAGSfest.


TSG 1895 USA™ has developed an extensive catalog of one-of-a-kind gemstone products that meet exacting Tiffany standards. Led by Ms. Elaine Guo, a master artist at TSG 1895 USA™ who has two decades’ experience designing and creating products based on Tiffany designs, TSG 1895 Studio artisans handcraft a wide variety of brass lamp bases in a range of styles and sizes. All TSG 1895 USA™ products are high quality, high-value, and collectible – and each of TSG 1895 USA™ gemstone lampshades comes with a certificate of authenticity that establishes its value and origin as a limited edition fine art collectible.


Zoi Sandy from Glass Endeavors won the auction item at 2013 RAGSfestTSG 1895 USA™ is pleased to display its artisan lamp bases – with evocative names such as “Seed of Life,” “Tiger Paws,” and “Graceful Palm” – at RAGSfest and share the beauty of its creations with art glass retailers. For more information about RAGSfest, visit StainedGlassRetailers.com or call Mr. Denny Berkery at 608-271-2490. To learn more about the classes, please call Mr. Jim Berry at Blue Moon Glassworks at 512-380-0770.


TSG 1895 USA™ high quality brass lamp bases are featured on the company’s website – www.tsg1895usa.com – or at the TSG 1895 USA™ showroom in Cerritos, California, by calling 714-522-1895 for an appointment.


Ms. Zoi Sandy from Glass Endeavors, South Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA won the Green Mosaic Dragonflies brass lamp base at the RAGSfest silent auction. See picture on the right.


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